AMD Ryzen 9 3900X AM4 CPU Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

AMD’s Zen2 architecture has been hotly anticipated for quite some time and by and large, has delivered a very powerful architecture capable of doing everything and anything an enthusiast could want. Gaming performance is something important to many and something that doesn’t usually come along with a higher core count CPU, but the Ryzen 9 3900X breaks that mold in spectacular fashion. In synthetic game testing, the 3900X put previous generations to shame and gives team blue a little something to think about. In real-world game testing, the 3900X is well above the 2nd generation Ryzen chips, and hot on the heels of team blue.

In productivity, well, the 3900X puts most of last year’s High-End Desktop CPU’s to shame. I don’t really need to rehash it here, you can look at all of our testings and admire the raw performance AMD puts in the hands of content creators, and anyone else that needs to get work done. We were quite happy to see how easily the 3rd generation handled very fast memory. Getting north of the 4GHz mark was something that just didn’t happen the last generation. Now, turning on the XMP settings for a 4266MHz memory kit was as easy as clicking the button. Interestingly though, extremely fast memory really doesn’t seem to provide much of a benefit above about 3600MHz. Tightening down the timings also doesn’t provide as much benefit out of the box as it used to.

It seems AMD already has everything quite well optimized right out of the gate. With a $499 price tag, the Ryzen 9 3900X provides a performance value never yet seen.

Incredible job AMD!

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