Anidees Al7 Chassis Review


It seems more and more people these days a steering clear of, or moving away from full tower cases. On forums and on YouTube, I see more small form factor builds every day. However, there are some of us who would like a smaller form factor case, but need the features that AXT motherboards and full towers offer. Well, Anidees has us covered with their stunning AI7 Cube Case. Can a case that measures 288x380x380mmfit the hardware from say a Corsair 760T? That’s exactly what I attempted to do. Both myself and Proclockers would like to than Anidees for making this review possible. Now let’s see if I can cram the hardware of a full tower into this dual chamber cube and discover if smaller form factor cases can still work for a high end gaming rig or workstation.

About Anidees

“We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, where ideas came from you.”

The story of Brand name anidees was from English first ” an idea ” but they play it to plural and it turns to ” an ideas” but since the most ideas we collected for our product are from Europe. So they change idea to idee (German, Dutch, France), with plural form it turns to ” anidees” Anidees is a design company. Their main focus is on product design and provide value add items to customers. Our slogan is ” Ideas from you”. Anidees aim is to be a brand and or company who listen to users and make ” simple,elegant, and quality ” products to their customers.

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