Antec High Current Gamer HCG-750 Power Supply

Closer look

The Antec High Current Gamer series [HCG from here on out] consist of five units ranging from 400 watts, up to 900 watts. The unit we will be taking a look at today is the middle of the road model, rated at a continuous 750 watts of power. This particular model has gotten the certifications from NVIDIA and AMD, to show it passed all their rigorous tests, and is up to the task of running multi-GPU setups from both camps. For those that are looking for efficiency ratings then you will be pleased to know the HCG-750 is an 80PLUS Bronze certified product. This indicates the unit can maintain at least 85% efficiency under 50% load, and at least 82% efficiency at 100% load, and you can see that it easily surpassed those numbers by checking out it’s test results.

The HCG series is housed in a black steel casing with a red shroud which supports the cooling fan. It isn’t often that a power supply begs to be looked at, but this would definitely be one of those few instances. The red accent really stands out, and the color combination definitely does match a lot of the cases we see manufactured recently.

In the middle of the red shroud sits a 135mm cooling fan, capable of moving an enormous amount of air, yet barely making a sound. The fan’s speed adjusts accordingly based on the amount of load being put on the HCG, and is concrolled cia an onboard PWM chip. There isn’t much information on Antec’s site about the characteristics of the fan itself, except that it is “quiet” and that it is “dual ball bearing”.

The HCG is a non-modular model, which means that you will have all the available cables/plugs around at all times, regardless if you need them or not. All the cables are covered in black sleeving, which we are happy to see does not stop short of the casing, entering all the way in. It is a nice touch to add to the look and quality appearance of the unit, but it can also help protect the cables from wearing through on the hard plastic grommet.



20/4 Pin ATX

4 pin AUX

4+4 Pin AUX

4 Pin Molex



6 Pin PCIe

6+2 Pin PCIe

Antec HCG 750









Note: The PCIe 6+2 pin plug doubles as either the 6pin or 8pin, so this unit can power two graphics cards
that each require a 6pin & 8pin; alternatively it can power two cards that require an 8pin & 8pin as well.

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