Antec High Current Gamer HCG-750 Power Supply


For those looking for a high quality multiple 12V rail power supply, capable of easily handling multiple GPUs, then the Antec High Current Gamer HCG-750 is definitely worth taking a look at. It powered our well built, overclocked gaming test rig with flying colors. At 750 watts this HCG could be more than what some would need so and Antec understands this, they offer these lower watt models under the same series in 400, 520 and 620 watts for those who only are after a reliable PSU. Yet, if you are lucky enough to have a much higher end rig, then there is the model bursting with power at 900 watts.

Since everything comes down to number’s game, the HCG has it covered: 80PLUS Bronze efficiency rating, four PCIe connectors to support dual GPU setups and four 12 volt rails with total potential output of 160 amps. More than enough to keep even two of the older, power hungry, GTX480s in SLI happy and stable!

When it comes to looks Antec takes the cake there as well. Adding a nice looking red accent cover to the PSU that makes sure the unit will stand out while mounted a windowed case. Coupled with one of Antec’s black interior chassis, and say an ASUS Crosshair IV motherboard, throw in a couple of AMD Radeon cards, and you will have one fine looking black and red themed gaming system.

The HCG-750 is not the cheapest PSU in the 750 watt class. On the same token, cheap power supplies should not be used in the same sentence when wanting ” quality” and “reliability”, or even “gaming rig” for that matter. We see the HCG-750 costing as much at $125 on Google shopping.

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