Aorus K7 Keyboard and M3 Mouse Review, Luxury and Brilliance in one (well two) packages!


Aorus K7 Keyboard and M3 Mouse, Luxury, and Brilliance in one (well two) packages

As you know Aorus is the gaming side of Gigabytes hardware manufacturing. And despite being a relatively new name in the gaming hardware arena they sure are producing some nice products. A perfect example of that is the Aorus K7 gaming keyboard and the Aorus M3 gaming mouse that we will be taking a look at today, huge thanks to Gigabyte for sending these our way!

Before we even open the packaging, we can see that the K7 sports many important features and a couple truly innovative ones. First off, we see that it is full RGB compatible with support for 16.8 million colors and that all keys are fully programmable allowing the user to tie any key to a custom macro or key mapping, this information is all stored in onboard memory so you can take your settings with you if you switch rigs. Next, we see that Aorus has thrown in some new features such as their Cherry MX key switches which boast both a tiny 2nm actuation distance and a completely silent operating sound level. Another feature that looks very interesting is the adjustable rubber feet which allow you to set the keyboard to a custom height that is just right for you. This keyboard also offers all of the other specialty and premium features you would expect from a mid to high-end gaming keyboard in this price range such as win-lock, brightness control, and removable keys.

The Aorus M3 gaming mouse is a true sister device to the K7 and while they are not sold in a kit, we definitely recommend getting them together to maximize your experience. It also sports the 16.8 million RGB fusion color that has become standard across so much gaming hardware. The M3 also comes with a 6400 DPI optical sensor and Omron switches that are rated for 20 million-plus clicks.

The K7 retails for about 129.99 and the M3 is currently available for a mere 39.99 on Newegg.

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