Aorus K7 Keyboard and M3 Mouse Review, Luxury and Brilliance in one (well two) packages!

Testing Environment

Aorus K7 and M3 In Action!


Now that we have these two beauties unboxed and have given them a thorough looking over let’s see how they stack up in the real gaming world.

We like to give any keyboard or mouse at least a week to burn in before we make a definitive judgment on its quality. I have been using this combo for the last 8 or 9 days on my main rig for everything from less demanding strategy games like Civ VI to hardcore FPS action such as Doom and Destiny 2.

The K7 performs beautifully in any game but it truly shines in more action-packed FPS games such as Destiny. I found myself able to easily get the drop on other players since the 2nm actuation distance on the key switches allows for almost instant reaction times. The customizable key mapping also makes it incredibly easy to customize your layout to exactly you play style. I always have a tendency to losemy finger placement when I am dealing with distractions while playing so one of the first things I did was replace the WASD keys with the custom keys included in the box. As you can see below this makes them really stand out. I would have loved to see some sort of RGB integration on these but the lack of that definitely makes them stand out more from the surrounding keys. Rubber grips on the custom keys would be a nice touch too but hopefully, Aorus will offer some more customized options down the road.

Removing and replacing the keys is very easy with the included removal tool.The 8 replacement keys come in two different sizes R3 and R2, the included card shows you which rows you can use the different types in. Removing the original key for replacement gives us a very nice look at the Cherry MX key switches and the RGB LEDs underneath them, and they are a thing of beauty! Unlike some of the cheaper gaming keyboards with removable keys, these are very easy to snap on and off and you don’t feel like you are in danger of pushing the key through your prized keyboard.

Now let’s see if the M3 can reach the sky-high bar that the K7 has set for quality and usability.

Before we dive into a game let’s put on those handy little slider pads that we mentioned earlier. These simply stick right onto the bottom of the mouse and provide an extra smooth surface for the mouse to glide over. This is a really nice feature since no gamer likes missing a shot or botching a combination move because their mouse ran over a crumb or hit a bump on their mousepad. Here’s what the slider pads look like installed, we chose black to go with the mouse but they come in white and black.

You can barely tell they are there but those little pads really give this mouse an edge in mobility as I quickly found out when I dove into a couple of fast-paced FPS rounds. For a relatively low budget mouse, this guy performs quite well. Clicks are firm and confident and the textured scroll wheel allows for quick adjustments such as changing weapons. As advertised on the box this mouse is quite comfortable whether your use the palm, claw, or grip style of playing. Perhaps my favorite feature of all is those little LEDs on the left side that shows you what DPI setting you are currently on. I have always been a huge fan of on-the-fly DPI switching yet it has always annoyed me that most mice require you to try to remember what color corresponds to what DPI setting. The LED indicators on this one take that guessing out of the equation and let you know exactly where your tracking speed is at with just a quick glance. And they are kind of angled which gives them a sophisticated and space-age look.

Overall this mouse has a really good feel and response to it for its price range. The only downside I noticed with this mouse over many hours of play was that you really need to have a mousepad to use it on because any sort of a reflective surface underneath it tends to really throw off the cursor and cause issues. This is likely a non-issue for a gamer though since let’s face it we all pretty much have our favorite mousepad that we take to any gaming session like a security blanket.

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