Aorus K7 Keyboard and M3 Mouse Review, Luxury and Brilliance in one (well two) packages!

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

These two peripherals go really well together, however since they are each of a very different build quality I have to give them each a different score for overall satisfaction.

The K7 is hands down the nicest keyboard I have had on my desk in months. Its brushed aluminum and slick keys make it an instant aesthetic winner. The endless variety of RGB goodness and customization is augmented by physical customizations in the form of custom angle adjustments and removable keys which makes this a custom gamers dream. Overall this is a rock-solid keyboard that delivers some serious gaming power at a reasonable mid-range price. 


The M3 goes very nicely with the K7 but it is clearly of a lower-end build quality. Despite its somewhat lightweight feel, we ran into no issues during our week-long testing period. We were also quite pleased to discover some innovative features on this mouse namely the DPI buttons and indicator lights which make on-the-fly DPI switching much easier to handle. This mouse is definitely not up to the luxurious quality of the K7 but for only 39.99 you are still getting your money’s worth and then some.




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