Arctic Sound P321 Headphones

Closer look at the P321’s

You can see the P321’s aren’t a ground breaking design, as there isn’t really a need to be. 

You can see a close-up of the microphone.  I was a little nervous when I saw the single hole on the tip, I worried about ambient noise and voice quality since it wasn’t directed at the mouth.  You can also see that the microphone pulls out and is flexible and retractable.  You can shape it any way you like to get the most comfortable and highest quality sound for your voice needs.

Here is a closer look at the in-line remote.  The toggle switch gives you volume control switching between songs.  Your single buttons are play/pause, mute and bass boost.  The LED glows bright red when you have the bass boost on or green for normal.  And on the side you have a microphone mute (so you can yell at the kids without blowing your friends eardrums out).

Even the branding on the headband has been cleverly designed. From one side all you see is the pleather’s and it’s ventilation, yet when viewed from the other side the words “Arctic SOUND” pop out. But not to steal the spotlight away from the headband’s actual function because I must say that the padding on top is very soft, and with the lightweight of the P321’s, keeping them on your head for long periods of time will not be a problem.

The range of adjustment and flexibility with the P321’s was pretty surprising.  I have had several headsets that barely allowed travel.  If these don’t fit your head you’re probably someone who has bought custom built hats your whole life.

The earpieces easily fit around my large ears, but it’s padding isn’t quite as soft as the headband’s. However when you pair the overall lightweight of the P321’s and the fact that it covered my whole ear, kept me from noticing any sore spots after long use. 

Here is the heart of the P321’s sound quality, the 50mm diameter driver.

The simplicity of USB makes hooking up the P321’s a breeze.  Not only are they plug and play, no disk with drivers needed, all you do is hook up one single plug.  No pulling the pc out and hunting for which audio slot is for the microphone and which is for the sound output.

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