Arctic Sound P321 Headphones


Thank you Arctic Cooling for sending us the Arctic Sound P321’s to play with. I had a rough time spending hours listening to movies, TV shows, YouTube videos, gaming and chatting.  I’m pretty sure my wife didn’t believe me when I told her I was working hard on this review as I played round after round of Counter Strike. I don’t know if you all have Gmail or not, but recently they allowed you to call phones from your Gmail.  It’s free if you make stateside calls (at least as far as I have found) and pretty cheap for overseas calls. Since I’m already sitting at the pc most of the time anyways, I’ve been using this instead of my cell. The sound quality using the P321’s was excellent; I had several people ask me if I had gotten a new phone. I spent a ton time chatting with friends on TeamSpeak with no sound or microphone issues.  Gaming, movies and YouTube showed off the built-in sound processor to its fullest. I found the sounds of explosions in games and movies to be realistic and high quality. You have to step up to Arctic Cooling’s Sound P531’s for the professional computer headset that gives you 5.1 sound and I can only hope they would like me to review those for them, hint hint! One of my favorite features was the bass boost. It really brought the games and movies to life for me. When it came to music the boost really depends on what you’re listening too.  If it has a lot of bass in it and your listening at close to full volume then the boost might overpower it. Otherwise I left it on as I love bass, but it is a powerful tool for you to use as your tastes dictate. 

Arctic Cooling recommends an MSRP price of $43.45; I couldn’t find any for sale at this time so I’m not sure how the final price will play out. Even if the price is $43, this headset is in a very comfortable price niche. You will find plenty of similarly priced headsets without many of these features and many more priced quite a bit higher that don’t have the quality or level of features. I think Artic Cooling’s entry into the audio side of the house has followed the success they have shown us with their cooling components. The P321’s are an excellent all around product at what will probably be a great price!

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