Arctic Sound P531 Headphones

Packaging and contents

The packaging for the Arctic Sound P531’s was twice as thick compared to the P321, maintaining the brushed aluminum look sans fancy graphics, something that I have come to expect.  Like the P321, the P531’s package displays the quantity of features you can expect from them.

Inside you will find the P531s snugly resting in a plastic form fit container with the cords all neatly tied in place.  No hard to open zip ties, just compression fit formed plastic and regular twist ties.  There was twice as much used on the P531, which may have been needed as they weigh a hefty 462 grams, versus the P321’s 225 grams. 

Unlike the P321s, you will find an instruction book, along with a cd that is taped neatly to the back panel.  The instruction book provides information on hookup and installation of the drivers and software.  You also have instructions for using said software in order to gain the best sound quality possible from the P531.

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