Arctic Sound P531 Headphones

Closer look at the P531’s

The P531’s feature a unique design, with the four individual drivers in each earcup for a total 5.1 sound, it required Arctic to rethink its shape somewhat. 

Unlike the P321’s, the microphone is not retractable; however, it remains highly flexible allowing the user to customize the placement to their liking.  It will also swing out of the way when you no longer need it. 

You can see a clear difference with the microphone on the P531s as it has built in noise cancellation technology, allowing your voice to be the only thing heard when transmitting.  You have multiple sound pickups in the front of the microphone for crystal clear voice transmission and additional pickups on the back for ambient noise sound cancellation. 

Here is a closer look at the in-line controls, giving you an amazing amount of customization over your sound.  You have the ability to adjust the front, rear, sub and center channel’s sound volume, along with an overall volume.  This level of customization is not something I have seen outside of my home theater system.  The in-line remote has an additional switch that allows you to turn off the microphone should you need to.  Some might find the multitude of adjustments a tad complicated, and I found that in the beginning it did take me awhile to adjust the sound to my liking.  Yet, once I was able to do so, all I needed to do was adjust the main volume, leaving the rest alone.  If I switched games or music and found the bass to be too much, a quick adjustment to the sub setting fixed it right up.

Like the P321, the Arctic Sound brand is subtly inlaid on the headband with the leather-like covering material. 

I have done extensive wear testing with the P531’s and even though they weigh in at a hefty 462 grams, I found them very comfortable.  Don’t get me wrong, there was a break in period of adjusting to them, but it wasn’t as much of an issue as others I have tried.  When I say it needs a break in period, I don’t mean time for it to break down and become more flexible, the P531’s are amazingly flexible, allowing them to adjust to multiple wear styles or head shapes.  I feel that is part of the reason the break in period was so short. 

To give you this kind of flexibility and size adjustment requires some heavy duty hardware.  Take a look at the screws being used, not just one or two, but several.  They are not relying on snapped together plastic, they went heavy duty to give you a product that looks and feels solid.

The earpieces aren’t large enough to fit around my ears, but they do completely cover them in order to keep out the unwanted ambient sound.  They are also well padded and provide an extremely comfortable experience. 

Like the P321s, the P531s are a breeze to hook up since they are connected by USB, meaning no more hunting around behind your PC in order to try and find the proper plug ins for the headphone and mic. 

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