Arctic Sound P531 Headphones


It’s not often that I regret purchases I’ve made, since I enjoy doing research before plunking down what little cash I have.  After using the P531’s, I am regretting all the money I sunk into the Creative Fatality sound card and gaming headphones.  I’ve got to tell you, these P531’s rock, and they rock hard.  It is just an amazing sound experience for both gaming and listening to music.  With the vibration units in each of the earcups providing that extra physical sensation to go along with the audio quality , the explosions and bullets ripping through the air have that little extra touch which make the P531 really stand out.  On top of that, the 5.1 surround really puts you right in the middle of your gaming or movie experience.  I’m not sure if I should thank Arctic Sound for sending these to me or not, I just have to hope my wife doesn’t read this review and make an issue of how much I spent on the Creative gear that I am now ditching!  If you visit you will find they are selling these for $66.34, which is less than I spent on just the Creative headphones!  I just have to say it one more time, I am incredibly impressed by the P531s, and they are truly a Kick Ass product!!!  Must buy!!!

must have

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