Asrock 890GM Pro3 mATX Socket AM3 Motherboard

Overclocking the Asrock 890GX Pro3 and the AMD Phenom II 965 Black

Due to limit time we spent just a short time for the overclocking process. So, we upped the voltage on the CPU to 1.5V in the BIOS and started to up the bus 10MHz at a time until things became shaky. We ended at 4080MHz stable using Super Pi to test for stability.


The Asrock 890GM Pro3 is one of those motherboards that looks like it has a purpose. That purpose to me would be sitting at home in a nice vertical desktop case or home theater enclosure. The motherboard has more than enough top integrated components to make the build complete and not having to give up any type of visual or audio quality. We have seen a few motherboard on our pages that is more than capable of playing back the most demanding high definition video and have a great audible experience. The Radeon HD 4290 graphics is pumped up via a DVI or HDMI each all of today’s flat panel have.

If you are not looking for such a motherboard as described above well the Asrock 890GM is ideal for the beginning of a nice gaming LAN box. Simply add in a nice GPU say a Radeon HD 5770 or HD 5850 and you are set to frag with the best of them. It would be nice to have the second PCIe slot the MSI version of this motherboard. This would have elevated the same LAN box from nice to ultimate.

The Asrock is an ideal motherboard for those that make have an unlockable AMD X2 or X3 processor. The integrated UCC circuit or Unlock CPU Core allows you to open up the extra core that are often closed off by AMD. This what all the motherboard manufacturers are calling a free CPU upgrade.

If you need the latest and greatest in storage connectivity, you have it with this motherboard. Just like the Asrock 890GX Extreme3, this board offers USB 3.0 aka SuperSpeed and SATA III.

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