Asrock 890GM Pro3 mATX Socket AM3 Motherboard

Closer look 890GM Pro3

For the low price of $115 Asrock did not skip out on the features of the 890GM Pro3 as it is just a feature-rich as the MSI 890GX-65 we reviewed about a month ago. And for the asking price we are proud to say that they did not skip out on the physical aspects either. Just like the 890GX Extreme3 we reviewed right after the MSI model this model shares the black, blue and white color scheme. Making it visually attractive to the masses.

The model shares the mATX form factor like more motherboards using the 890GX chipset. Movement of the various connectors and slots are not bad at all. What this motherboard is lacking at tall grossly looking heatsinks that would prevent any large more popular air-coolers from mounting correctly. The space around the CPU socket is totally clear of any obstructions.

Next to the CPU socket are two pair of white and blue DIMM slots. Each f the slots are capable of supporting up to $GB each of DDR3 at 1800MHz when overclocked. The main ATX connector is located commonly on the very edge of the motherboard next to the ATX connector.

Strangely the USB headers are located below the DIMM slots and above the SATA connectors. Not a bad location for these until you actually getting into the build of the rig as cable management at this point is a little off but nothing major. When it comes to SAT connectors the 890GX Pro3 has five SATA III ports that supports RAID 0, RAID 1, JBOD, RAID 0+1 and RAID 5.

One pretty nice advantage the MSI version has over this Asrock model is the number of PCIe 16x slots. On the MSI board there is total of two to support Crossfire. Our Asrock has just one along with one 1x PCIe and two standard PCI slots. Crossfire is not totally out of the question on this board as it still has a hybrid version. Combined with the on-board Radeon HD 4290 video and an add-on GPU like a Radeon HD 5450 you have your Crossfire.

The Asrock 890GM is doubt short of exterior connectivity as there are five USB 2.0 Ports and a single USB 3.0 ports. And that is not all as there is one eSATA rated at SATA III speeds but there is one firewire ports six-point type. A single LAN port will get you online. But what this chipset is known for is video and it has all the video connections on-board in the form of VGA, DVI and HDMI all of which is backed by the Radeon HD 4290 iGPU.

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