ASRock E3V5 WS Motherboard Review

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

ASRock has covered the gambit of motherboards quite well in the last couple of years. Certainly their enthusiast motherboards get all the attention, as does everyone else, but there is much more to look at. The E3V5 WS is a prime example.

The E3V5 WS is designed to be a workhorse on a budget. It does this very well. Throughout the testing the E3V5 WS showed mostly well above average scores in the majority of testing. PCMark 8 was on the low side, though this could be due to the lower memory speed versus the Z170 motherboards we have tested. Storage performance was quite good and gaming performance was better than expected.

All the performance is there, but at a rather attractive price point. This does mean that there were some features that one might expect omitted. There is no USB 3.1, SATA Express, or M.2 support. ASRock does add the server grade Intel I219LM gigabit chipset in their place, so it is going to depend on your priorities.

The layout is good and quite open. I did find the front panel USB 3.0 header to be in an odd location and I would have preferred front facing 90 degree SATA ports. These are fairly minor complaints though.

The ASRock E3V5 WS can be found at Newegg for $119.99, where it is the least expensive C232 chipset motherboard listed. That makes it worth a look and a winner in my book.


  • Excellent Gaming Performance
  • Reasonable Price


  • Limited Storage Connectivity Options


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