ASRock Fatal1ty X299 Professional Gaming i9 LGA 2066 Intel X299 Motherboard Review

Packaging & Unboxing

Asrocks X299 Gaming i9 comes in a brightly colored box with the glossy black box hiding under the huge red ‘G’. The model graces the center of the front with the signature Fatal1ty logo top left.

The rear of the box is completely full of information about most of the stand-out features. They do manage to squeeze the rear I/O diagram and quick specifications in near the bottom though.

The perimeter of the box is mostly just adorned with the ASRock, Fatal1ty and X299 Gaming i9 logos.

The bottom edge of the box does have a QR code you can follow for more information.

The bright colored exterior slides off to reveal a sleek, glossy black box with a carry handle. The only visible markings are ASRocks logo front and center.

Opening the box up, we are greeted with all of the ‘goodies’ sitting on a divider tray.

Under the tray, the motherboard can barely be seen through the ESD bag.

Goodies include the usual paper documentation, Rear I/O Shield, and driver disk (not pictured). This particular board comes with a few black SATA 6Gbps cables, two short antenna for the built in WiFi, 3x screws for the M.2 Slots, an ASRock case badge, and two SLI Bridges. One SLI Bridge is of the High Bandwidth Variety, and the 2nd is a standard triple SLI Bridge spaced to fit this board. One fun curiosity is the ASRock Postcard also included, pictured top center here.

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