ASRock Fatal1ty X299 Professional Gaming i9 LGA 2066 Intel X299 Motherboard Review


RGB fans will be sure to load up ASRock’s RGB software to get the lighting how they want. Yes, it can be done in the BIOS, but what fun is that?

Live Updated & App Shop gives you easy access to all tools and software you need.

Even drivers and BIOS updates.

If you have quickboot enabled, you know the boot sequence is so fast you cant even get back to the BIOS if needed. Restart to UEFI solves that issue.

The real start here is F-Stream. Basic performance profiles are easy to access, but the good settings are in the next few screens.

Basic overclocking can be accomplished right here, from windows, while benchmarks are running. This is a great way to fine tune performance by hand without having to reboot over and over.

Basic system info such as temps, voltages, fan speeds and clocks are shown here.

If you tweak and overclock, you may also need to touch your fan profiles, which can be done here as well.

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