ASRock Fatal1ty X299 Professional Gaming i9 LGA 2066 Intel X299 Motherboard Review


We start from the stock speeds, listed as 3.6Ghz, but often appearing either near idle at 1.2Ghz or humming along at 4.0-4.3Ghz under Turbo Boost 3.0 and try to see how far we can push the Intel Core i7-7820X CPU.

We start out using the F-stream software to nudge the clocks up, running benchmarks until we notice instability, then back off slightly to find a fully stable overclock, right from Windows.

We ended up reaching 4.7Ghz across all cores with Core Temp reporting a CPU voltage of 1.349v. CPUz seems to report radically high core voltages, but this chip would die quickly at the 2.12V CPUz reads and is in no way accurate. After noticing instability, we rebooted into BIOS to push further with a lot more control of system parameters.

We ended up with a stable 4.84Ghz on all cores, with the memory running 3708Mhz, far above its stock 3200MHz at the cost of very slightly relaxing the timings.

At this speed, we were able to push our Cinebench score from 1738 to a whopping 2108!

Just out of curiosity, we tried disabling half of the active cores and pushing further with the overclock.

This time we were able to reach just a hair over 5.1Ghz, not bad at all. You probably won’t buy an 8 core CPU to disable half the cores, but it’s fun to see what the system is capable of.

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