ASRock X299 Taichi XE Motherboard Review

Packaging & Unboxing

ASRock’s X299 Taichi XE comes in the usual low-key box with the iconic gear pattern in metallic tones. The model is in gold letters front and center.

The rear of the box has a small picture of the board in the center near the top with all of the features covering most of the back. A small specs list hides in the lower right corner.

The edge of the box just has ASRock’s name and the model name along the edges.

The outer area is just a sleeve, the actual box is a glossy black with the ASRock logo in the center.  There is a nice carry handle protruding from the top.

Inside, all of the included goodies are front and center in their own little baggies. The paperwork is in the top half of the tray.

Under the top tray, the Taichi XE board sits in the very bottom of the box wrapped in an ESD safe bag.

The goodies list is fairly extensive, including the typical manual, Driver disk, Rear I/O shield, and SATA cables. Also included is an HB type SLI bridge, and 3-way standard SLI bridge, a postcard to send to friends or family, antennas for the WiFi, a case badge, and several baggies with hardware for mounting all of the M.2 drives you can use.

The ESD bag is mostly transparent.

Like most of ASRock’s higher end boards, the Taichi XE comes zip tied to a foam tray for great protection in shipping. We’ve removed the ties here, but there is one in each corner.

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