ASRock X299 Taichi XE Motherboard Review


Live Updated & App Shop gives you easy access to all tools and software you need from a single location…

…even drivers and BIOS updates.

If you have quick boot enabled, you know the boot sequence is so fast you can’t even get back to the BIOS if needed. Restart to UEFI solves that issue.

ASRock’s RGB LED utility lets you change all of your onboard and connected lighting, you can do each area independently or all of them together. You get 7 effects both static and dynamic to choose from, many of which you can set your own color via a pinwheel, RGB sliders, or presets.

ASRock’s A-Tuning utilities give you direct access to 3 main profiles, as well as overclock and fan settings right from your desktop.

You can also access the factory preset OC profiles from here as well.

If you want to get a little more hands-on, you also access most of the important settings directly. Your user-created profiles can be accessed from this screen.

The system info tab gives a quick overview of live details such as temperatures and fan speeds,  but you can access the full hardware monitor via the button near the top to see everything.

The FAN-Tastic tuning gives you direct access to all of your fans to auto-tune them or manually set speeds or curves.

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