ASRock X299 Taichi XE Motherboard Review


AS usual, we’ll start out from defaults and try to see how far we can push the system. Stock settings are shown above.

Using ASRock’s A-tuning utility, we try out the most aggressive factory profile first, which pushes our CPU to 4.7Ghz across all cores.

4700MHz as advertised. CPUz is reading the voltage way too high, A-tuning shows it at 1.35V which is still too high but corresponds with the temps we are seeing from previous runs with this particular CPU at these levels.

Switching over to driving by hand, we push out 8 core CPU up to just under 4.9GHz which is one of the best speed’s we’ve been able to attain with our particular piece of silicon.

We see a decent Cinebench score increase to just over 2100 from the increased frequency and lower voltages that prevent throttling.

We were able to push on to 5.0GHz, but couldn’t get 100% stability. We did manage to complete a Cinebench run and narrowly missed 2200 points which are a record for this chip.

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