ASRock Z370 Taichi Motherboard Review

System Configuration & BIOS

CPU: Intel Core i7-8700k

Motherboard: ASRock Z370 Taichi

RAM: 32GB GeIL EVO Spear 3200Mhz

GPU: Galax GTX 1070 HOF

SSD: SanDisk Ultra Plus 256GB

OS: Windows 10 Professional X64

ASRock starts you out in the ‘EZ Mode’ of the BIOS. You get a quick rundown of everything in the PC, as well as some basic options like turning on RAID or XMP.

Hitting F6 brings you to an advanced mode where all of the settings live. The Main tab is more of a landing page showing basic system specs.

The OC Tweaker page is where most will spend the most time. Clock speeds, multipliers, voltages and the works can all be found under here.

The Advanced page lets you dive a little deeper into certain areas like I/O or USB configuration.

Each of the advanced pages offers some important but less often needed settings.

The tools page is an important one and was our first stop to update our system to the latest available BIOS.

You can also adjust your system lighting right from in here as well, and these settings apply even while the system is turned off.

The hardware monitor is pretty self-explanatory. You can keep tabs on all system voltages, temperatures, fan speeds and everything else related here.

Most enthusiasts probably won’t use anything in the security tab, but a BIOS password can be set here as well as turning on the Trusted Platform module if installed.

And last but not least, the Boot tab. Here you can configure things like boot order, and even turn off the full-screen boot logo if you prefer to see a quick summary instead.

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