ASRock Z77 OC Formula

Special Features

NickShih’s OC Profile

This built-in feature is very similar to the auto overclocking feature of any other motherboard except it has more stage or points of overclocking. It goes from Stage 0 to Stage 11. There is even an Extreme LN2 OC stage if you wish to venture with some LN2 cooling. In the screenshot there is a QR code that will take directly to the manual for further details.

Rapid OC

Remember the -/+ buttons on the surface of the motherboard? This is where these come into play. Highlighting one area of the Rapid OC interface will allow you to use the buttons to lower and higher that particular aspect of the app.

Multi Thermal Sensor

The MTS is a feature that we have seen in another board before. Basically it monitors the temperature of the motherboard in various locations.


If you are in the middle of some serious GPU benching and find that your one of your cards is having some difficulty, you can shut it down without powering off the system. Just go through the process of eliminating which card it is with the on-screen slider switches.


We talked about the V-Probe during the layout portion of the review. It allows the user to get accurate voltage readings of theVCCM, VCCSA, VTT2, VTT1, VCORE, DMI_COMP, XCLK_RCOMP, DMI, PCH2, PCH and 1.8V_PLL.

Formula Drive

Formula Drive is a collection of several applications that would include monitoring and overclocking as well as fan controls.

Timing Configurator

The Timing Configurator allows the user to adjust the DRAM timings on the fly. No need to shut down and go into the UEFI to change any timing settings.

FAN-Tastic Tuning

Want to control and adjust your fans when you want. This is where it happens.

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