ASRock Z77 OC Formula


ASRock has put together the most overclock family motherboard to ever come from their manufacturing plant. The Z77 OC Formula offers everything and I do mean everything to make the overclocking experience easier and more complete and this applies to the novice or noob as well as the professional like Nick Shih. We now have evidence that ASRock has made it completely in the enthusiast/overclocking levels after taking a nice share of the mainstream market.

Even the layout of the motherboard is something we have never seen from ASRock. The black with racing yellow accents make the board a real looker. Yes, ASRock has made many black PCB motherboards but nothing like this.

Cooling wise the Z77 OC offer three different phases. Default you have an active cooled VRM using the small fan on top of these large heat sinks. Disconnecting the fan will free up one more fan header and allow you to run passively. Or you can take it to the next level with water-cooling as the board already offers fittings.

In the end we saw new highs with but our test processor and once reviewed memory. This along makes the new Z77 OC worth it for us. We can see why many who claim to be overclockers may want to grab this board and give it a try.

We did find a couple of hiccups in the board but nothing major. The first was the fact that the Windows applications that comes with the board read the BLCK at 95MHz even though it was 100MHz in the BIOS as well as with CPU-Z. A simple date to the application should fix that.

Second, we did that upping the BLCK via Rapid OC or Formula Drive did not work at all. Adjusting either of them up or down resulted in no changes at all. All other setting would adjust without any issue. Once again I believe this is a simple software issue that can or already have been fixed.

ASRock has pulled out all the stops with this motherboard and we can’t wait to see more motherboard from them like this. But the great part about this is the board will only set up back $240. That is about 4100 cheaper that other manufacturer’s overclocking motherboards.

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