Asus Prime X299-Deluxe Motherboard Review


ASUS packages the Prime X299-Deluxe with a robust software suite. Up first is Ai Suite III. This is utility used for overclocking and tweaking inside the Windows environment.

Live Dash as a combination hardware monitor and logo tool.

Asus Aura controls the LED lighting effects of the motherboard. It is also capable for controlling case lighting via a motherboard mounted RGB LED connector and Asus Aura certified components.

Asus Turbo LAN is used for network adjustments. Various profiles can be made for prioritizing the user’s programs.

A ASUS themed edition of CPU-Z is also packaged with the Prime X299-Deluxe.

ASUS also packages Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, Norton Internet Security, Google Chrome, Google Toolbar, and Google Drive with the Prime X299-Deluxe.

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