ASUS ROG Gladius II Origin Mouse & ROG Scabbard Mousepad Review

ROG Scabbard Mousepad


ASUS’s ROG Scabbard is a long square box with the model taking up most of the ‘front’ of the box.

The top has two squares attached to it, samples of the red rubber base material and the black Cordura surface.

The bottom of the box has features and specs in a few languages and the UPC label.

The rear of the box has a few features show including the glow in the dark logo on it.

Opening an end of the box, we are greeted with the Scabbard rolled up.

The scabbard has a sleeve around the middle keeping it rolled, and some ROG stickers are included in the box.

Surprisingly, for as tight as it is rolled, it lays pretty close to flat right out of the box. The right side was near the middle of the roll and took a few minutes to lay down perfectly but did so on its own.

The rubber base is bright red (despite the slightly pinkish look for the super intense photography lights) and has a diamond-plate type pattern that gives it really good grip. The top is the tightly woven Cordura fabric that is very smooth and low friction.

The genuine Cordura fabric tag sticks up in the lower left corner but would typically be nearly under your keyboard and won’t annoy you.

The top left corner has ASUS’s famous ROG logo.

The top right has the text ‘ROG SCABBARD” in a low-key grey font but lights up a glow in the dark green. It isn’t super bright unless you have a black-light nearby so it shouldn’t be distracting.

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