ASUS ROG Gladius II Origin Mouse & ROG Scabbard Mousepad Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion


ASUS has really jumped into the peripheral market with both feet recently. The Gladius II Origin is one of the three Gladius models, all of which are similar under the hood. Like or dislike of peripherals is a very subjective measure, but we enjoy the more natural shape and size of the Gladius II Origin. The RGB lighting system is very nice, and the overall feel and performance are incredible. The socketed switches are unusual in the peripheral world and customization potential aside, this makes for a mouse that may outlive the PC itself. We like the multiple cords, the longer, braided works well for your desktop while the shorter smooth cable is great for your laptop on the go. The good part is, the profiles are stored in the mouse so no matter where you go, your custom settings come with you.

the ROG Scabbard is a high-quality mousepad, supposedly anyway. Due to the size, we’d more classify it as a gaming surface rather than a lowly mouse pad. At nearly 3 ft wide, you can use it to protect most of your desk, place your keyboard on it and you still have a very large area for your mouse. While this isn’t our first cloth topped rubber mousepad, the genuine Cordura top is lovely to slide around on. Given its use in military and sporting applications, we have no worry about it standing the test of time. If you combine the two, you have a winning combination.

Awesome Job ASUS!

ROG Gladius II Origin:



ROG Scabbard Mouse Pad:



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