ASUS ROG Maximus IX APEX Z270 Motherboard Review

Packaging & Unboxing


In the traditional ROG fashion, the ROG Maximus IX Apex comes in a beautiful red and black box. The ROG ‘Eye’ adorns the top right corner, the model is front and center, and many logos are found along the bottom left edge.

The rear of the box is in full color on a dark background and shows a picture of the board lit up in the center. Many important features and specs surround the board, but this is only highlights, as the feature list is quite extensive.

The sides of the box don’t really show much beyond a few simple specs on one end. The opposite side has only the model name and the ASUS and ROG logos.

The top edge of the box also only has the model and logos, but the bottom edge of the box has a simple message: “The Choice of Champions”.

Opening the box up, we are greeted with a sheet of ROG inspired stickers.

Embossed on the inside of the lid is the message “Welcome to the Republic”

Under the sticker sheet, you get your first glimpse of this new breed of performance under a clear plastic lid. The board and lid sit on a tray.

Under the tray sit all of the goodies in several compartments.

As you can see, the inclusions of such an elite board are quite extensive. The usual candidates are here like the manual, driver disk, rear I/O shield and SATA cables, but you also get a CPU installation tool, some cable label stickers, a ROG drink coaster, a high-bandwidth SLI bridge, some blank badges to customize the board with, some 3D printing mounting hardware, and the new Dimm.2 daughter board.

Also Included is a 20% coupon to CableMod for getting you a nice set of sleeved extensions or even a complete replacement set of customized cables for your particular modular power supply.  

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