ASUS ROG Maximus IX APEX Z270 Motherboard Review


Starting from stock, which already spends much of its time boosting up to 4.5Ghz, we’ll see what we can push our system too.

We’ll start out in the BIOS and use ASUS’s EZ Tuning wizard.

Just answer a few simple questions about how your machine is configured.

Our test bench is water cooled of course.

It gives you an estimated performance increase, and after clicking next, it reboots.

A few moments later, we boot up to find out clock speed has reached 5.12Ghz, not bad at all!


Let’s try from ASUS’s Dual Intelligent Processors 5 tool.

The procedure is similar, just answer a few questions in the form of option boxes, and hit start.

After a reboot, it will start stepping up the clock and testing at each step. After it see’s instability (or crashes) it will reboot and try again.

Our final clock speed ended up being 5.125Ghz again, so it appears both ways get the same results.

Running at the new clock speed, we ran Cinebench again, and got a score of 1111, a decent raise over the stock 991!

On the memory side of things, we managed to shove our 3200Mhz ram to around 4050Mhz with only loosening minor timings, and upping the voltage to about 1.375V. ASUS really did something right with the memory layout on this board.

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