ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero Motherboard Review

Packaging & Unboxing

As with most nearly all of ASUS’s other Republic of Gamers boards, the Maximus X Hero comes in a red and black box. The model of the board is written in an iridescent ROG font that changes colors as you move around it. the ROG logo anchors the top right corner of the box.

The rear is all black with a picture of the motherboard centered in the box. Some important features are along the top and some basic specifications surround the board.

The edges of the box all look like this, with the red and black background, and the color changing model.

Inside the flip-up cover is the sheet of ROG stickers, as well as your ROG ‘Passport’ and ‘Membership Card’.

Under this is a cardboard tray with a clear cover. The clear cover holds the board in place via the ram slots and PCIe slots.

Under the board tray is all of the included goodies.

Once you open up all of the pockets in the lower tray, you get a Manual and driver disk, some cable labels, a ROG coaster, and some SATA cables. Also included are the M.2 and 3D printing mounting hardware, some RGB extension cables, the Q-connector and a CPU installation tool.

Also Included is a 20% coupon to CableMod for getting yourself a nice set of sleeved extensions or even a complete replacement set of customized cables for your particular modular power supply.


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