ASUS ROG Rampage VI Extreme LGA2066 X299 EATX Motherboard Review

Packaging & Unboxing

Like Most of ASUS’s top end ROG branded boards, the Rampage VI Extreme comes in a red and black box. Short of a few logos on the bottom left corner, all you really get is the Model center left, and the ROG logo top right.

The rear of the box is also solid red. A few standouts from the feature list are along the top edge under the model name, and a picture of the board with most of the important main specs fill in the rest of the box.

Not much to see on the edges, only the ROG eye and model name.

Open the box on these type of ROG boards is fun. You are again immediately greeted with a sheet of stickers, as well as your Republic of Gamers ‘Passport’ and club membership card.

The top inside of the hinged lid has the ROG logo, and ‘Welcome to the Republic’ as a greeting.


Moving the sheet of stickers out of the way, you get to see the actual motherboard under a protective clear cover.

The clear cover helps secure the board in its tray.

Under the motherboard tray, is a black box full of goodies.

As with any high-end ROG board, you get a massive pile of goodies in the box. The usual suspects are there like the written manual, SATA cables, and WiFi antennas, but we did find that the usual driver disk has been replaced with a VERY welcome USB flash drive containing all of the normal drivers and programs. Optical disk drives are becoming less and less common, so the switch to flash media is great, and besides, who doesn’t love another flash drive?

Three SLI bridges come with the board, 2-way High Bandwidth, as well as 3 and 4-way bridges. A ROG Dimm.2 module is here for two of the three M.2 ports, as well as a fan extension module. A case badge and coaster, thermal probes, RGB extension cables, cable label stickers, VRM fan cooling bracket, and some hardware for the M.2 slots round out most of the extras.

A handy 20% off CableMod coupon code is also included to get you started with some sleeved cables, anything from extensions to complete custom PSU cable replacements can be had. There is one more thing at the bottom right of the picture here.

ASUS includes a GPU support bracket as well. Someone with a GPU equipped with a heavy aftermarket cooler or water block will really like this one. Due to its design, If you have an inverted style case, you may not be able to use it sadly.

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