ASUS ROG Strix Fusion 500 Headset review

A Closer Look


ASUS’s ROG Strix Fusion 500’s ear cups are a bronze colored chrome finish and are protected with stick on scratch protective sheets.

The left ear cup is also touch sensitive so that protector has some instructions on it for the touch controls. This side also has a fold out digital microphone.

The headset comes with a faux leather set of ear cups installed, but you can swap to the cloth ones if you prefer.

The ear cup covers side by side. Both have the ROG logo imprinted on the liner.

Mush of the headset has the ROG accenting on it in a subtle way. The trim of the headband also has the full ROG eye on each side.

The internal steel band even has the famous pattern printed on it when you slide the extension out for larger heads.

The left ear cup only has a single port, Micro USB 2.0 provides system access to the Internal DAC from your PC or console.

The separately padded suspension inside the expanding headband is attached in two spots, and this is where ASUS denotes which side is which.

The top of the headband is also stamped with the ‘Republic of Gamers’ slogan.

On the lower rear side of the left ear cup is the surround sound switch. One press of the button turns the LED on and engages the stand-alone audio processor.

The microphone folds up into the side of the ear cup and auto-mutes when raised. We did find stowing and unfolding the microphone to take a bit of practice to get with one hand.

The included USB cable is gold plated, nylon braided and has the ROG insignia on each side.

Each ear cup lights up in full RGB and can be controlled with the AURA software.

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