ASUS ROG Strix Fusion 500 Headset review

Subjective Testing


Of course, the first thing we have to do with a gaming headset is to… well, game on it. We’ve been enjoying a repeat playthrough of 2015’s Dying Light. This is one of our favorite games and one that requires a wide range of tactics, including stealth. We were easily able to hear the undead lumbering up from behind while trying to break into an ambulance before it was too late. Kicking on the 7.1 surround certainly widened the soundstage.

Next, we tried one of our favorite quick audio tests, the ‘1-Minute Audio Test for Stereo Speakers & Headphones’ from Outlier Studios on YouTube. Low base in the LFE range was awesome, you keep waiting for things to rattle of shelves around you until you remember that you are wearing headphones. There is a very noticeable drop-off and gap around the 200-500Hz range but it picks back up quickly for very strong, almost over-powering treble.

During a surround sound test provided by Dolby, We were able to tell roughly where each sound was until we turned the 7.1 system on and that opened up the soundstage enough to really get a feel of direction. During another virtual surround test that is supposed to make you feel like you’re getting your haircut, we could tell where the person was coming from or going to, exactly where the scissors where, and which direction any other noises came from.  It was easy to decipher and figure out where everything was.

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