A Closer Look

The Strix 1660Ti keeps the triple-fan design with light bar accents of former Strix.

The backplate is similar to ASUS’s previous Strix line of cards, a sleek brushed aluminum finish. Gone is the RGB-lighting on the ROG eye at this level for cost reasons.

The cooler is now a 2.7-slot design to give more space for the higher TDP of Turing powered GPU’s. A new stiffening frame keeps the GPU from sagging.

ASUS’s new Axial-Tech fans are found on the Strix GTX 1660Ti and provide a quiet and powerful cooling column of air directly into the heatsink. With the GPU’s BIOS in ‘Q’ Quiet mode, they will stop spinning entirely when the GPU is below 55C.

The video outputs are protected with rubber dust plugs.

Nvidia’s default port arrangement includes two Display ports and two HDMI 2.0b.

The GPU is powered by a single 8-pin PCIe power connection. LED’s sit behind the plug to indicate power status. Red is bad, white is good.

There is a new ‘Stealth’ button on the rear of the card to instantly disable all lighting on the card. The 6pin connection point can be used for extreme overclockers to keep taps on card voltages. The small switch controls which BIOS the card uses at boot, one tuned for silence and the default ‘P’ mode for performance.

ASUS Provides an RGB header and two Fan headers on the Strix GPU models. This lets your lighting and even case cooling follow the GPU’s lead. They can be controlled from the GPU Tweak II software.

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