Final Thoughts & Conclusion


ASUS once again holds on to the crown for the fastest card in its class, this time, the RTX 2070. A combination of great cooling and engineering under the hood give ASUS an advantage.  We’ didn’t get much extra out of the card on overclocking because ASUS has found a way to squeeze about as much out of the Nvidia die as possible.

Temperatures stayed nice and cool with almost no noise, we never saw the fans hit 1200 RPM on their own and temps usually hovered around the 60C mark with a peak of 66C max while running the OC Profile. Speaking of profiles, it’s a little entertaining to watch the card flash all of it’s lighting in acknowledgment of switching profiles in ASUS GPU Tweak II. It was nice to see ASUS stick to its black and red ROG Roots with the default lighting profile a nice red color. Not too over the top, but a nice level of customizable accenting in a world of Vegas-worthy light shows.

Unfortunately, MSRP is a little higher this generation but given the raw performance and features plus all the new tech that will soon be utilized in games, you would be hard pressed to find a better GPU than the ROG Strix RTX 2070 OC Edition for tomorrow’s gaming today at a fair price.

Great job ASUS!

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