ASUS ROG STRIX X470-I Gaming Motherboard review

Packaging & Unboxing


ASUS’s ROG Strix X470-I Gaming comes in the classic Strix box. Matte black with the neon ROG eye in the background, the X470-I is perched full color on the cover with the model written left center.

The rear has a picture of the board with specs and features laid out around it. Special features are called out on a banner near the bottom.

One end of the box has some features listed in multiple languages.

The other ends of the box have just the model in the center and the ASUS and ROG logos.

Once you open the box, you don’t really see much initially.

When you flip the flap up, you get a partial peek at the board inside.

There is a large block of cardboard holding the board in place, as well as a foam block.

Under the motherboard tray is a large pile of goodies.

You get the manual, driver disk, ROG sticker sheet, rear I/O, SATA and RGB cables, Wi-Fi antenna kit, M.2 drive mounting hardware and a CableMod 20% off coupon to get a set of cables to match your build.

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