ASUS STRIX RX 580 Gaming OC Edition Graphics Card Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

The STRIX RX 580 Gaming OC Edition is an excellent card, especially at 1080p. The STRIX cooler kept the card very cool, never going over 62°C, even under load. With everything these days having a focus on VR, the extra HDMI port can come in handy. However, I would have rather sacrificed the DVI port over a Display Port. I really like the fan headers on the rear of the card. They help to further the ability to customize your entire build, not just the card.

The benchmarks show that this card is designed for 1080p gaming, with all games staying well above 60 FPS at high settings. Many games, especially the older titles will have no problem maxing out settings at 1080p. That’s not to say it can’t handle higher resolutions. All but one title, the Witcher 3, stayed above 60 FPS in 1440p. Even in 21 x 9, 3440 x 1440, many games stayed above, or close to 60 FPS. GTA V doing best at this resolution averaging 83 FPS.

At the time of this review, the ASUS ROG Strix RX 580 is going for $279.99 on both Newegg and Amazon. That’s when you can actually find one. At that price, the STRIX RX 580 is priced at the mid-tier of the spectrum, where AMD has been doing excellent lately. Making this card perfect for budget builds and mid-range build a like. That’s why we are giving it the Proclockers “Highly Recommended” award. If you’re planning on getting card, The STRIX RX 580 is the perfect card for the gamer on almost any budget.


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