ASUS TUF X470-Plus Gaming AM4 Motherboard Review

Packaging & Unboxing


ASUS’s TUF X470-Plus Gaming comes in a matte black box with a subtle digital camo pattern. The TUF model takes up most of the front of the box.

The rear has a full-color picture of the board and rear I/O area with most of the specs listed. A few features are highlighted down the right side.

The edges of the box make it quite clear what model you have and the ASUS and TUF logo’s sit top and bottom.

One edge does have some basic specs in several languages.

When you open the box, the board itself is on top in a semi-clear ESD bag. A cardboard flap on the left holds a few SATA cables.

The bottom of the box has the rest of the included bits.

Everything included is pictured/ you get the normal manual, rear I/O driver disk and SATA cables. You get a certificate of reliability, some TUF stickers including a few to decorate your CMOS battery with, some M.2 mounting hardware and a CableMod coupon.

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