ASUS TUF X470-Plus Gaming AM4 Motherboard Review




With XFR2, the 2700X is already allowed to boost much higher than previous generation chips when on an x470 board and system conditions permit. We see speeds hitting upwards of 4.1 GHz on several cores at a time during testing, but we’ll see what we can manage pushing it. We’ll start with our ram at its factory overclocked speed of 3200MHz.

Using ASUS’s OC Tuner is as easy as selecting it from the drop-down.

Once you click OK here, it reboots and that is all there is to it.

Our’s came up with an all-core speed of 4.0 GHz at 1.337V. memory speed was unchanged and maintained XMP settings.

CPU confirms 4.0 GHz (+/- a bit as the base clock floats around a bit)

We get nearly 100 more points out of a fairly mild overclock.

With a little hand tuning, we get a 100% stable clock speed of 4.15 GHz. Not quite as high as some boards, but this board is meant for long-term reliability, not extreme overclocking.

This brings our score up a bit more to a solid 1863 points!

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