ASUS TUF X470-Plus Gaming AM4 Motherboard Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

While we don’t have years to validate the reliability claims, ASUS’s track record on that subject speaks for itself. Otherwise, we find the board to actually be pretty feature-rich given its $150 street price. The aesthetics are a little less aggressive than last generations TUF products with a hair less yellow. I personally really like the black/grey/yellow color scheme but this toned-down version will blend with more systems if you don’t go 100% TUF (even though you pretty well can now).

Performance was solid across the line. While this particular platform isn’t meant for breaking records, it does manage some first-place wins in our testing while holding tight in the middle of the pack the majority of the time. Overclocking gained us a bit, but didn’t go quite as high as boards more tailor-made for overclocking. For this target segment of the market, It seems Wi-Fi is missing but adding a card really isn’t hard or expensive to do if you actually need it.


Great Job ASUS!


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