Autonomous Kinn Chair Office Chair Review


We spend a lot of time covering computer components and peripherals here at Pro Clockers to help you get the most out of your machine, much of the modern world revolves around them. Whether you are working, playing, paying bills or going to school, you probably spend a fair amount of your time seated at a computer. Ergonomics is something all of us have heard about, but not enough people actually practice. When you think about ergonomics at the computer, some of those crazy shaped keyboards probably come to mind, but ergonomics should apply to more than just your hands and Autonomous has the answer for the rest of your body. Today we are happy to Introduce the new Kinn Chair from Autonomous! The Kinn Chair uses nature-inspired technology to bring you the perfect blend of long-lasting ergonomics and comfort. Whether you are grinding through long hours to the finish line on a big work project or sitting in the middle of a marathon gaming session, the Kinn Chair is always supportive. Let’s check it out!

Pro Clockers would like to thank Autonomous for sending the Kinn Chair over for us to check out!

Autonomous’s take on the Kinn Chair:

Nature Meets Technology

Unique boundless back and supportive fishbone spine, Kinn Chair is our best ergonomic office chair for better posture, greater range of movement and stronger wellbeing at and away from your work. Its ergonomic chair design is crafted from nature and combined with modern technology for a comfortable office sitting.

Fully Customizable:

  • Tilt / Recline Tension
    The Kinn Chair’s Tilt / Recline Tension is totally customizable by using crank under the chair. This controls the chair back’s resistance as you lean back.
  • Multi-Position Tilt Lock
    Hit a break in your day and just need to lean back? Flip the lever under the left side up, recline and lock your desired angle down by flipping the same lever back down. Presto, now you’ve got a position from which you can chill or even sneak in an office nap.
  • Armrest Height and Width
    We’ve made the armrests on the Kinn Chair customizable providing X- and Y-axis movement. Use a small tab built in just under the armrest on the outside of the chair to unlock them and change their height. Grasp the arm pads and simply slide them in and out to change their width.
  • Seat Depth
    Adjust the seat depth of the Kinn Chair with a tab hidden under the seat just in front of the armrest. Pull it and slide the seat to the best position.
  • Seat Height Adjustment

We made the Kinn Chair’s height customizable. Use the lever under the right side to raise and lower your seat.

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