Autonomous Kinn Chair Office Chair Review

A Closer Look

Hardware includes four each of two different fasteners, and an Allen wrench of the correct size.

The gas strut is pretty standard fare for any chair and there isn’t much to say here.

Each leg of the base has a hole in the end for a caster.

The base itself is a single piece of cast aluminum that is painted black on the exterior.

The casters are a nice non-marking plastic that are very smooth and roll easily over nearly any flooring type.

The seat assembly has fixed armrest mounts with both armrests already attached.

The signature TPE springs can be seen through the seat.

Several of the 62 springs can be seen from the bottom side of the seat.

Several levers protruding from the bottom of the seat assembly allow a large amount of customization for the sitter.

One lever actually has a crank on the end of it. The crank adjusts the recline tension, or how much resistance the chair applies to leaning back.

Each armrest slides in and out to widen or narrow the rests.

The lever on each side allows each to be raised and lowered.

Each armrest can move quite far and up and down.

The back has a very interesting shape that contours to your body.

The back is supported from the outside, allowing it to easily flex and mold to your body without putting pressure on your spine.

While this model doesn’t have a headrest, the tall back has a rounded top that is comfortable and supportive at neck level.

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