Autonomous Kinn Chair Office Chair Review


The included manual has an assembly guide, comprised of five steps.

Step one is to set the seat base on a table upside down.

The back slides on until the holes line up. This required a helping hand from a second person to keep everything aligned long enough to get the bolts started.

Step two is connecting the back and seat. Once the main bolts are tightened down, 4 more screws hold the outer edges of the back to the seat.

Step three is snapping the casters into the base.

The casters press into the holes with only a little pressure to keep them in place.

Step 4 is pushing the gas strut into the base as pictured.

And the last step is setting the seat assembly onto the gas strut.

The strut goes up into the hole in the seat base and is held with a friction fit.

Once in place, you can raise the seat with the lever on the right.

On the right side of the seat, a button allows the seat base to slide in and out to adjust the seat depth to what is comfortable for you.

On the right side, you also have a crank that slides in and out. This crank adjusts the recline tension.

The left side has a lever to lock the seatback in any position you want, not just up. But that’s it, your new Kinn Chair is ready to go!

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