Autonomous Kinn Chair Office Chair Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

After having used the Kinn Chair for a few weeks, we can say it’s easily one of the most supportive and comfortable chairs we’ve ever tested. Autonomous claims the TPE construction will outlast traditional foam chairs by years, but we can’t really test that in a span of a few weeks. We can however tell you that the chair is comfortable, easy to clean, and doesn’t have the seams in the seat that often come apart with traditional designs, especially if you are the type that sits on one foot occasionally, has kids or pets that like to share your lap, or anything else that can cause additional stress on the seat materials.

We really liked the level of customization provided by Autonomous here. Being able to lock the back to any level of recline is nice, and being able to adjust the tension needed to tilt is something you don’t see much and really isn’t something you knew you ever needed until you have it. Aesthetically, it certainly looks very modern. Autonomous sells it in several color combinations and with cloth covers in red, blue, green and grey to match any décor.  We also really like that it is designed to support up to 350 pounds. Not everyone needs this of course, but it’s a comfort to users that are always wondering if sitting down is going to kill the chair or not. We’ve tested many “gaming” chairs the last couple of years, and while they usually look fancy with racing-inspired curves, none of them were this comfortable or supportive. If you are in the market for a new seat for your home or office, look no further! If you aren’t currently in the market for a new chair, give it a look anyway. Autonomous offers a 30-day trial and you might not realize just how unsupportive your current seat actually is until you spend a few days in the Kinn Chair!

Great Job Autonomous!

Configure your Kinn Chair:

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