Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Home Office Review


The standing desk has been quite the phenomenon the last few years in big corporate offices in search of better ergonomics and increased productivity. Thanks to Autonomous, those benefits can come home with you as well. The Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Home office offers the customizable quality you are used to at work, adjustable height for perfect ergonomics, superior build quality, and home office friendly aesthetic and size options. Give your home office the lift you deserve!

Pro Clockers would like to thank Autonomous for sending the SmartDesk 2 over for us to check out!

Autonomous’s take on the SmartDesk 2 Home Office:

For a balanced work-life

  • Sit less, move more. Enhance your health and keep your work in the top form.
  • Increase your focus and creativity. A home office standing desk is where your works happen.
  • No dull days. Taking a stand immediately boosts your mood level and gives you joy.


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