Auzai 21.5 Inch Monitor Review

Introducing the Auzai 21.5 Inch Monitor

Does inexpensive always equal cheap? With a price of $129.99, it’s easy to dismiss a display as poor quality. The color will probably be a little off, it won’t be bright, the resolution is probably going to be low. All of these things crossed my mind when I was asked to review the Auzai 21.5” monitor. Once in a while, it’s worth taking a chance. You might find yourself in for a pleasant surprise.

From the Manufacturer: The Auzai 21.5 Inch Monitor

Full HD 1080p Screen The full HD computer monitor 1920*1080p delivers an optimized image performance, making a clearer and more enjoyable viewing experience. An authentic experience is provided that you can enjoy real movie watching and entertainment.

Quicker Response Time The monitor supports 75 Hz refresh rate and 5ms response time, with overdrive for a smoother picture that looks crisp and fluid without motion blur. You can also easily adjust display settings to best suit whatever you are watching.

LED-Backlit Panel With a blue light filter design, the slim anti-glare LED-backlit panel can minimize the harmful blue light. You can say goodbye to the annoying screen flicker with this eye care computer monitor.

Versatile Connectivity It also features HDMI & VGA ports for multi-screen setups, which supports various devices such as laptop, iPad, or smartphone. The earphone output function is also available.

Mounting Type & Stand The LED computer monitor supports a VESA wall-mount with a 16:9 aspect ratio, the adjustment angle is -5~15 degrees. You can enjoy a high-quality view with AUZAI monitor and find the angle that suits you best.

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