Auzai 21.5 Inch Monitor Review

Auzai 21.5 Inch Monitor Setup and Use

Setup was very simple. Auzai included an HDMI cable in the box so you won’t have to go out and buy an extra one. All you have to do as the end user, is connect the flat plastic base to the stand, plug it in to power, and connect the HDMI cable to your video card. (Pro tip: check the number of HDMI ports on your video card. My 5500XT has three display ports and one HDMI port. So, before I could have dual monitors, I had to order a display port to HDMI adapter.)

Based on the price alone, I would consider the Auzai 21.5 inch monitor as an entry-level type of display. But that doesn’t mean it’s cheap. I was pleased with the display as soon as I plugged it in. I did find images had more of a yellow color shift to them compared to my Acer 23” monitor that I’ve had for about 5 years. This was especially bad in areas where I knew something was white. Using the built in monitor adjustments later, the yellow color shift was corrected. This could be due to the blue light filtering Auzai has included in the monitor, or just how this particular monitor came from the factory. It’s really hard to say, but an easy adjustment.

After making the adjustments in the screen settings itself, I used the monitor calibration tool built in to Windows to make sure my new dual screen setup matched each other.

VESA mounting is the feature of this monitor that I was most excited about. Running dual monitors would really help with my workflow for photo and video editing. So, off to Amazon I went, and ordered a VESA mount for dual monitors in a stacked configuration. Well, that didn’t really work as planned because my older Acer monitor isn’t VESA compatible. Adapt and overcome, right? I had a spare 32” RCA TV that wasn’t being used. I ordered an adapter plate for it and mounted it below the Auzai monitor. The setup was nice, but it was hard to really use the Auzai monitor above since the TV is much thicker. In the end, I opted to run the Auzai 21.5 inch monitor side by side with my Acer 23”. This configuration works well, but the Auzai monitor does sit a little higher than my Acer.

For the time that the Auzai monitor was on the VESA mount, it was nice. The mount itself was sturdy, connected easily to the back of the monitor and I had no fear of anything toppling over and damaging my screens.

At the time of this writing, I’ve been using the Auzai 21.5 inch monitor for about a month. It’s been a good daily driver for almost everything I do. Web browsing, video editing, and TV and movie streaming.
Gaming, on the other hand, produced some different results. I’ve found that in online first person shooter type games, I’m getting shot in places where I thought I was totally hidden such as behind rocks or trees. Switching the game to my older Acer 23” monitor, I’m not seeing the same results. I can only assume this is due to the 5ms response time. So, If you’re in super competitive online matches, you might want to skip this monitor. Retro gaming though, is completely opposite. I grew up on the Atari 2600 and the original NES. My NES emulator has been a pleasant experience on this monitor.

All opinions being equal, I believe that if you’re in the market for a general purpose type monitor for home or office use, you should definitely consider the Auzai 21.5 inch monitor.

Pro Clockers would like to thank Auzai for providing this sample for our review.



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