Azza Helios 910 Mid Tower

Closer look at the Azza Helios 910 from the outside

This is one sharp looking case, dull matte black finish on the outside and inside. 

There is no side panel window. It’s one of the areas they did save money. I would imagine. 

Something else they did differently with this case is they placed the power control and access buttons on the front instead of on top like past cases I have reviewed from them.  There’s nothing wrong with that, and in some ways it makes it better as there are no wires on top to get in the way of “storing” stuff on it.

It has the mesh front for improved air flow throughout the case.

A pretty standard rear panel, but painted of course!!  As a bonus there are water cooler holes lined with rubber for protection and a bottom mounted power supply with the pre-drilled air holes to allow your power supplies fan to either exhaust out the bottom or to pull cooler air from outside the case.

One difference from past cases from Azza with the Helios 910 is the lack of the fan speed adjustment.  They have the cutout, but nothing to fill it. 

Your top mounted 140mm blue LED fan, otherwise flat and featureless.  Perfect place to store stuff, lol.

And a close up of the 230mm side mounted blue LED fan. 

The bottom of the case shows a better view of the power supply vent holes and the location where you could mount another fan, with pre-drilled mounting holes for two different size mounting locations. 

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