Azza Helios 910 Mid Tower

Closer look at the Azza Helios 910 from the inside

A beautiful black interior awaits you when you pop the side panel off. 

Combined with the bright blue LED side and top panel fans, and you have one sweet looking interior.

Of note for the interior, you will see some small pads for your power supply to rest on, providing vibration dampening effects to help lower noise levels. 

A well designed motherboard tray with offset pre-drilled holes to help line up your mother board and several large openings surrounding the motherboard for wire routing.  Nothing looks worse than to have a smartly painted interior with all your killer parts and not be able to show anyone because the wiring is such a mess.

One of my favorite features is the padded hard drive cage. Again working on eliminating vibration from your high rpm spinning storage devices.  Hmm, where did they save money at?

You will find plenty of space for your hard drives and optical devices, which are mounted in place with very secure thumbscrews.  And you can see just how well ventilated the bays are, a 140mm blue LED fan out front blowing over your hard drives and the mesh in front of your optical devices. 

Your back panel hides an offset rear motherboard tray which as we showed earlier has several large cutouts for wire management.  There are several cutouts to hook your zip ties too to keep the wires in check. 

The only issue I have seen with most cases, this one included, is depending on your motherboard, and its 8 pin plug in, there is no way to route that from your power supply without it crossing your motherboard, unless they mount the power supply on top.  I prefer the lower mounted power supply personally, but there has to be a way to fix this problem. 

And one last look at your 230mm blue LED side mounted fan from the inside.

A couple of pictures with an extra large power supply, plenty of room available for it.  You’ll notice the motherboard has plenty of room on the right hand side for cable management and long video cards. 

Some dark shots to show you how the brilliant blue LED’s look at night. 

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