Ballistix Elite 32GB DDR4 3466MHz Memory

Unboxing & A Closer Look


Ballistix Elite comes in a sleek box covered in a diamond plate pattern with a peek at the modules inside through a window in one corner.

The rear is also covered in the same pattern with a silver splash through the middle and indicates this kit is part of the ‘Elite’ segment of the lineup.

The front flap magnetically closes and can be easily opened to display the kit. The clear side opened after breaking the seal tape.

Inside are two clamshells with 2 sticks each giving you the four stick kit.

The sticks are physically the same on each side, but the labeling is different. One side has the Ballistix logo, the other has the information stickers.

The top of each module has an aggressive almost Picatinny rail look, with the Ballistix logo in the center.

The modules are quite thin and the heat spreader only makes contact with the memory modules themselves allowing a bit of natural convection around and through the module.

The modules are very sleek with a matte black PCB and a satin finish on the heat spreader. All logos are minimalistic and rather unobtrusive.

Both sides of the module have the ELITE badge signifying the top position in Ballistix’s lineup.

A final glamor shot of the 2 modules installed on the ASRock X299 Taichi XE board we’ll be testing on.

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